Yamaha S70XS 76-Key Weighted Synthesizer Review

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The Yamaha S70XS is a weighted synthesizer that gives you a lot of features and an enormous Yamaha S70XSamount of diversity too. You have the ability to tweak the sound as you play with the real-time controls, so you can change things up throughout your performance.

All of the instrument sounds provided on the S70XS are incredibly accurate. Close your eyes and listen to each one being played and you would think it is the real thing being played next to you. For the amount of functionality you get with this synth’, it is surprisingly easy to use.

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The Yamaha S70XS provides enough quality and features for a professional musician to use. But it should not be limited to just the professionals, as the hobbyist and the casual player can certainly get a lot of enjoyment out of playing this.

An overview of the S70XS

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It is easy to find your way around the controls and features, and certainly does not make for an intimidating instrument to sit down and play. So if you do like to play for a hobby, and you appreciate really good quality sound, then you should certainly give the S70XS some serious consideration.

Getting the most out of the Yamaha S70XS

The S70XS comes with 76 keys and the overall design of the keyboard is fairly slimline, but it is fairly wide (more on this later). If you are a musician and need to take the keyboard from gig to gig, then you will probably notice the extra few inches in the length.

Yamaha S70XS review

Although the overall size is fairly slimline, you certainly do not get the feeling that you are playing on a small keyboard and getting squeezed in. It gives you plenty of room to play in your own style without feeling any restriction at all.

If you want to use the S70XS for live performances you will love some of the features included. The combo input jack is capable of accepting a mic input. This is fairly easy to do, you just need to plug the mic in and adjust the Input Gain setting until you get the right levels. You can finely adjust the volume and even apply a reverb or a chorus to the sound if you want also.

Yamaha S70XS synthesizerBest quality sounds

The real quality of the Yamaha S70XS is the incredible range of sounds you get with this synthesizer. There is 142mb worth of high quality piano waveforms to use. This gives you so much to work with, and really gives you the ability to get creative and play such a diverse range of genres. There is also another 300+ mb of additional instrument samples that can be used too.

You have the ability to layer the instruments that are played on the S70XS, or even split the keyboard up so one side plays one instrument type and the other side another instrument. It is very quick and easy to adjust the settings this way, just a click of a button on the console and you will be able to customize the output.

Recording ability

Another really good feature on the Yamaha S70XS is the ability to record directly to a flash drive. If you plug in your flash drive to the keyboard via the USB port, you can then play your music and record it onto the flash drive as audio data. Even arpeggio playback can be recorded this way, and the overall efficiency of this process is very impressive.


The S70XS also has a built in flash memory of 192mb, and you have the ability to plug in a guitar or a microphone for example, and record that onto the internal memory drive. You can then use the recordings any time you like to integrate into any performance you like. There is also a song chain feature that allows you to piece together separate recordings.

The ‘not-so-good’ points of the S70XS

In general this synthesizer is top-notch all round. But there is one nagging element that will annoy the professional player more than anyone, and that is the 53.1 inch width of the keyboard. The two controller wheels have been located at the side of the keys rather than on top.

This means that the keyboard now has 4-5 inches excess in the total width, which is noticeable to the professional musician that needs to move the keyboard around a lot and fit it into tight spaces in the vehicle. It really is just too wide for a 76 key synth’, but unless you are a pro musician, this probably won’t matter at all to you.

The good stuff

Other than the size issue just mentioned, everything else on the Yamaha S70XS is of the highest quality. The typical Yamaha innovation really shines through and you will love just how easy it is to play this keyboard. As it has been designed to be used by professional musicians too, the need for efficient movement around the keyboard and quick selection of features and settings has been well catered for.

Yamaha-S70XS-1aThe quality of the sound you get from the S70XS is highly impressive to say the least. Then with the added ability for you to record your own sounds and add those into any performance just adds to the overall excellence.

The Yamaha S70XS is not a cheap synthesizer, but if you want quality and you appreciate just what this synth’ can do then you will realize that you are getting a lot for your money when you purchase this. It will more than likely exceed your expectations in every way.

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